Dec 8, 2017

Our Home Education Journey

When my second son was born my first son began to regress. 

He was just over a year old and at first he was talking and jabbering but when he realized there was a new baby and he was here to stay, he stopped completely.

Nov 28, 2017

Toddler Activity: Fine Motor Cereal + Spaghetti

I have seen this activity all over Pinterest and wanted to enjoy it with my toddlers. This is a great fine motor skill for younger toddlers. Fine motor skills are skills that babies and toddlers need to use for smaller more focused actions with the body. Like trying to get a dry spaghetti noodle through a cheerio or fruit loop. 

Nov 21, 2017

5 Fall Activities We Can't Wait to Try

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Fall is probably my favorite time of year. I love the weather, the clothes and especially the decorations and symbols of fall. Symbols like colorful leaves, pumpkins and apples. Let's enjoy some of those things in these toddler activities that I found.

Nov 7, 2017

5 Thanksgiving Activities We Can't Wait to Try

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Thanksgiving can be such a fun time for little ones. Turkey, pumpkin pie, corn, native Americans and pilgrims. We can't wait to do these crafts for Thanksgiving.

Oct 31, 2017

Our Top 5 Halloween Movies for Kids

Halloween is probably our top favorite holiday. If we can call it a holiday. But it is the time of year that we put the most effort into. My boys (2 and 3) aren't exposed to real scary movies like Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street, but we do like to show them kids scary movies. Now to them they may be scary so I advise for parents to take a look at the rating of each movie and be the judge for your own kiddos. I think my boys just enjoy the colors and sounds. I'm not sure if they understand story lines just yet. But they may and just aren't afraid of them. I also have a 13 year old daughter and she enjoys both real and kid scary movies.

Oct 29, 2017

My Weekly Cleaning Schedule

When I first had my son my house was a complete mess. My man would come home everyday from work and I wouldn't have anything cleaned and no dinner cooking. He would be pissed. And I always gave him the excuse that I was taking care of the baby. 

Honestly when I was living in that time I felt like the baby was taking all my time and energy, but now that I look back he wasn't. I spent much of my time staring at the mess and stressing out rather than doing something about it.

Well over the past few years I have developed a cleaning schedule that actually works for me and my family. 

Oct 24, 2017

5 Halloween Activities We Can't Wait to Try

Of course going through Pinterest you will find all sorts of activities for toddlers. I thought these 5 activities would be great for Halloween fun.