Dec 8, 2017

Our Home Education Journey

When my second son was born my first son began to regress. 

He was just over a year old and at first he was talking and jabbering but when he realized there was a new baby and he was here to stay, he stopped completely.

Once he turned two we realized it wasn't improving and we saught out help.
We got a speech therapist and ocupational therapist but 6 months passed and there was minimal change. 

So I started doing my own research. I found that I could work with my son myself.

I began reading more books and asking more questions. I started planning more educational activities. 

Then I stumpled upon baby sign language. It completely opened him up. We had a new way to communicate. 

He wasn't talking yet but I could see that he was begining to become more happy. He was getting what he wanted from Mom and becoming more comfortable with those closest to him. 

I also had to realize to my son had a speech delay so we had to get him evaluated for special needs. 

Turns out he does have special needs. We got him an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). It's basically a plan on what he needs to learn that year to help him catch up to kiddos that are on the right track.

Once he turned 3 we put him in a developmental preschool in our neighborhood. 

The combination of the activities we did at home and the play he got at school has brought us so far from where he was one year ago. 

It's summer now and I have been thinking....

My son truly flourishes when we have school at home. Not to mention my youngest picks up on al the same lessons we work on. 

I made the decision that I will homeschool him this fall. I will put my mind solely on getting my little guy caught up on the things in his IEP. 

He will still attend developmental preschool but that is only 2 hours long. And as a mother I feel like it's truly MY duty to teach and train my sons.

This is where you guys come in.

As my family, friends and virtual village I ask that you help us get the materials we need to continue our home education. 

Any amount will help.

We need arts & crafts materials, a printer, laminater, and other educational toys. Afterall toddlers learn through play. 

Just think, your donation can change a child's future for the better.

Update: 12/06/2017

I thought that I should update you guys since its been a while since I created this account. 

I really want to thank all of those who have shared this campaign. Getting our story out there has truly helped us get a better education at home.

For those who have donated, you are a life changer. You have helped me see the light. I have a different view of the world because you gave us education. 

See, before I started this campaign I had no idea that I would even get one donation. I haven't gotten a lot of donations but it's so much more than what I expected. 

So thank you. I appreciate your kindness.

My sons are flourishing. I recently pulled my oldest son out of developmental preschool. 

I changed my mind. My views on the school system have changed. My views on my son have changed.

I no longer agree that developmental preschool helps my son. I totally and whole heartedly believe that my son's best education happens in my home and in my heart. 

I will continue to research and find ways to educate my sons at home but I still need you.

I need your shares. Please share this campaign with everyone you know. And ask them to share it with everyone they know. Home education is the right education for us. Please share!

And if you are ready to donate click any photo or graphic in this post!