Nov 28, 2017

Toddler Activity: Fine Motor Cereal + Spaghetti

I have seen this activity all over Pinterest and wanted to enjoy it with my toddlers. This is a great fine motor skill for younger toddlers. Fine motor skills are skills that babies and toddlers need to use for smaller more focused actions with the body. Like trying to get a dry spaghetti noodle through a cheerio or fruit loop. 

We used fruit loops because we love them and had them on hand already. We also used the diy playdoh we made a couple weeks ago. Its not toxic and edible. But very nasty so if your kiddo does eat it they will regret it. 

So you take a piece of playdoh and flatten it on the table or whatever surface you’re using. Then you break the spaghetti noodles in half and stick them in the plash sticking straight up like in the photos. All I had to do was demonstrate once and they really got the hang of it. They ate most of the cereal but they enjoyed the activity.

My kids liked the activity but they liked poking the playdoh with the spaghetti better. And that is fine too. Our fine motor activity turned into a sensory activity. And it may happen to you as well. 

I hope you enjoyed this activity as much as we did. Please leave a comment with your favorite fine motor activities.

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