Oct 17, 2017

Play-doh Monsters

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Halloween is coming! My family loves Halloween so when September hits I'm searching for all kinds of Halloween activities and crafts. 

I found this super fun activity at http://www.creativeconnectionsforkids.com. So I used it for inspiration for my Play-doh monsters.


Pipe Cleaners
Craft Sticks 
Googly Eyes

Step one: Purchase Your Materials 

I made our play-doh but we also have some that we bought from the Dollar Tree. But honestly the one I made has a better consistency. You can go on Pinterest and you can find all kinds of Play-doh recipes.

Now the Dollar Tree is great for pipe cleaners, googly eyes and craft sticks. And now you can Ship It To Your Local Dollar Tree Store For FREE*! 

Step Two: Set Up

I laid the materials out but not the plah-doh yet. They started picking them up and tinkering. They had no idea what i was going for. Then I gave them each a giant ball of play-doh.

Step Three: Let Them Play

The first thing they did was start putting googly eyes in it. It was so cute. They were making real monsters. 

I just continued to let them explore. After a while the activity changes and that's fine. They are still learning through play.

I brought out the same supplies a few days later except I smashed the playdoh flat into the table. They found different ways to make the monster.

Toddlers have great imaginations!

What type of supplies do you have to make a playdoh monster? 

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