Oct 29, 2017

My Weekly Cleaning Schedule

When I first had my son my house was a complete mess. My man would come home everyday from work and I wouldn't have anything cleaned and no dinner cooking. He would be pissed. And I always gave him the excuse that I was taking care of the baby. 

Honestly when I was living in that time I felt like the baby was taking all my time and energy, but now that I look back he wasn't. I spent much of my time staring at the mess and stressing out rather than doing something about it.

Well over the past few years I have developed a cleaning schedule that actually works for me and my family. 

This is not about what I do during the day. It's more about what I clean on which days. 

I will talk about what laundry I will do on what day, what I will clean and what work I need to do at my desk. You can adopt my schedule or modify it as you please. 

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Here we go!


Laundry: Every morning I wake up and throw a load of laundry into the wash. Sundays I wash the adult clothes. I separate the colors and through in a load.

Kitchen: Since Sunday is the first day of the week, I like to start it off by doing a deep clean of my kitchen. I have a list of kitchen duties that need to be performed in my house at least once a month. Each Sunday in the month I assign something specific in the kitchen that I want to focus on. I do the assigned section of the kitchen in addition to the things I do every Sunday like the dishes, cleaning the refrigerator inside and out, sweeping and mopping and windows.
  • First Sunday: countertops + small appliances (toaster, coffee pot, etc.)
  • Second Sunday: large appliances (oven, microwave, etc.)
  • Third Sunday: cabinets inside and outside
  • Fourth Sunday: junk drawer + reorganization

Activity Planning: I also plan out what activities I want to do with the kids for the week ahead. That way if I need anything I can run and get it.


Laundry: I wash the towels I clean the house with. I keep the dirty cleaning towels separate from the rest of our dirty clothes so I don't have to sort them.

Bathroom: I clean the master bathroom including the mirrors, sink, toilet and tub.

Sweep + Mop: I mop the kitchen, dining room, the area by the front door and the bathroom. Pretty much every area in the house that has a floor that can be mopped. Yes, I mop my kitchen often. I don't do it everyday but sometimes I do it two days in a row.


Laundry: I wash the colored body towels on Tuesdays. I like to do it in the beginning of the week so we can have fresh towels for the rest of the week. I also wash the kids' clothes for the first time. I wash clothes twice a week because they tend to pile up more than towels or blankets.

Bedroom: I clean my bedroom. This includes the mirrors, dusting and wiping down the furniture and windows. 

Vacuum: I then vacuum every floor that has carpet including my bedroom that I just cleaned. 


Laundry: I wash a load of whites. I also wash a load of adult clothes again. Like I said they tend to pile up.

Sweep + Mop: Then I go over the floors with the mop again. I like to keep my Wednesday light because it's hard enough getting over that hump.


Laundry: This is the day that I focus on washing blankets and bedding. I try to throw in the pillows every other week because it makes them smell better and they get more fluffy.

Living Room: I dust and clean the appropriate furniture and windows.  

Vacuum: I vacuum all the rooms that have carpet again, as well as under the cushions on the couch.


Laundry: I wash all the rugs from the bathroom and kitchen on Fridays. 

My Desk: I straighten out my desk and sort through mail and all the paperwork that gets piled up there throughout the week. 

Meal Planning: I also meal plan for the following week.


Laundry: I wash the kids' clothes again. 

Chore Chart: I create a chore chart for my oldest because she cant remember her chores without something to guide her. I also like it when she has no excuse for not getting her stuff done. Comment below if you would like me to write a post about her weekly chore schedule.

Reorganizing: I go through the house looking for areas that need to be reorganized like the linen closets, under the sinks, and cabinets. 

Grocery Shopping: As I go through the kitchen and reorganize I also take the time to write down any food we need to complete the meals that I planned for the next week because this is the day we grocery shop.

Vacuum: I like to vacuum the carpets on Saturdays as well.

And then we get back to Sunday!

All the areas of my home aren't mentioned because other areas are covered by my daughter. She cleans the kids room and the main bathroom of the house. She is 13 so she can hold that responsibility. If you want me to write a post about her weekly cleaning schedule leave a comment.

I hope this helped you. 

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