Sep 10, 2017

Potty Training Survival Kit: My Top 5 Potty Training Essentials

I had done so much potty training research before I took the plunge. Despite all that research I did I still felt nervous. I think potty training is one of those things where you're never really ready, but you can be prepared. Below is my potty training survival kit. I give you 5 potty training essentials.

One: Patience

The number one essential for potty training is patience. Your tot will pee and poop on your floor but you have to stay patient. I keep telling myself that we all learn this skill it just takes time. It just reminds me that the end result is coming and I just have to keep putting in the work for it.

Two: The Potty

Every big girl or boy needs that potty that will inspire them to sit on it. I recommend the potty that fits over the regular toilet because it teaches them the true place in the house that they are supposed to go potty. You can use the potty that can be placed any where in the house as well. As long as they like it and will enjoy sitting on it

Three: The Cleaning Crew

So you have to clean that potty and that toddler. I like to clean the potty once a day. I spray some Spic N Span on the top of the potty and wipe it off with a clean rag or you could use toilet paper or paper towels. I the flip it over and wipe off the bottom of the potty, wiping the pee cup thingy last. Now we keep the germs to a minimum, especially since I have two toddlers sharing the potty. Now to clean the boys I use flushable wipes. I don't use toilet paper because it's too dry and starts to rip. And that is a problem I do not want.

Four: Reward System

Some like to sing a song or do a dance. We would give high fives and everyone came to the door to clap for whoever used it in the potty. A reward gives your toddler a reason to continue doing the right thing.

Five: Undies

I don't recommend using pull-ups or diapers while you are potty training unless your toddler is napping or going out of the house. Diapers don't allow for the potty user to feel the moisture on themselves. Them feeling the moisture is a big deal because it's uncomfortable. That discomfort will translate to him or her not wanting to be wet anymore, then they will begin asking to use the potty to stay dry. Pull-ups work almost the same way as diapers, they absorb the moisture so the kiddo won't feel as wet. If you want to potty train quickly then they need to first be uncomfortable.

So that's it. Do any other moms out there have a must have list of your own for potty training? Comment below I would love to check it out. 

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