Sep 5, 2017

6 Signs Your Toddler is Ready for Potty Training

Potty training... It can be an exciting yet terrifying experience that has to happen for every kid. They have to know how to use the restroom on their own. But how do we know when they're ready? How can we tell when it's the right time to potty train? We don't want to try for weeks just to realize our kiddo isn't ready for the big step. So I put together 6 signs that will tell you if your toddler is ready to be potty trained or not.  

One: Can sit upright alone. 

Well that baby has to be able to hold him or herself upright on the potty in order to be trained to use it. My boys are 2 and 3 years old so they can do that and some. That hasn't been an issue for quite some time.

Two: Shows interest in the bathroom and toilet.

Your toddler will begin following you into the bathroom and sometimes you may catch them in the bathroom playing with the toilet. They are wondering what that thing is for. This is a great time to show them what the toilet does. Most parents that I know took their toddler with them into the restroom so they can see what you do on the potty. 

If you happen to catch your kiddo playing in the toilet water just wash their hands right away and then you can educate them on what happens on the potty. I told my kids that you go pee pee and boo boo on the potty. Then I would take their clothes off them and sit them on the potty. They probably wont go but it's really about exposure at this stage. 

Three: Can pull their own pants off and on.

This isn't a necessity but it does make it easier. If your toddler happens to know how to take their clothes off that can be a great sign that they are ready to be potty trained. 

My Brett (2) is what we call a nudest. He has been taking his clothes off by himself for a long time. Then he doesn't want to put them back on. Not even when there's company. It's embarassing and hilarious at the same time. 

If your kiddo doesn't yet know how to take their clothes off but he shows other signs of potty training readiness you can still start the process of potty training. Canon (3) has gotten way better at taking his clothes off and putting them back on since we started potty training. It's something that you will constantly be practicing. But it does help if they know how to do this already. It will cause less accidents when they can get their clothes off in time to use it.

Four: Takes off diaper.

If your child is like Brett they may be taking their diaper off themselves. It's so common for toddlers to take their clothes and diaper off and not think twice. That just shows that they can tell the difference between wet and dry and that they get uncomfortable with the diaper on. This is a good sign of becoming more independent and ready to use the potty by themselves soon.

Five: Exploring him/herself.

What I mean by explore him/herself is that they begin to show interest in their private parts. They are touching and looking. They are wondering what it's for. Once again this is a great time to introduce potty training because their focus is on what that part of the body does so you show them. Take them to the restroom and tell them this is so you can go pee pee. You can even take them to the restroom when you have to go to show them an example of what you mean. 

Six: Can say or sign for the potty

All while you are introducing your kiddo to the potty and naming all these things, they are learning vocabulary. Saying the word potty is a great sign that they are ready to start training. She doesn't have to know how to communicate this to you just yet because with practice she will learn it very quickly. But if your toddler does know this word or sign than the two of you are ready to start the potty training process. 

Each and every toddler is different. Your experience with your toddler is going to be different than mine and every one else's. But these are the most popular 6 signs that your toddler is ready to be potty trained. 

I hope you enjoyed and got a lot out of this post. Leave a comment below and tell me what signs you see in your toddler. 

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