Jun 10, 2017

Toddler Activity: 3D Abstract Art

Trying to come up with activities for my toddlers can be a real brain exercise so I was really proud when I came up with this easy to set up and fun to do activity/craft.

All you need is glue, construction paper and any craft supplies that can be glued onto the paper. We used googly eyes, colorful feathers, and pom poms.

I put dots of glue all over the paper and gave them some the supplies. 

They simply stuck whatever they wanted onto the paper and this is the result. 

It looks so abstract and cool that I put it in a frame and hung it on the wall. I left the glass off the frame so the 3D effect is obvious.

Make sure you comment below with what craft supplies you used for your abstract art project.

Good Luck Mommy!

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