Mar 2, 2017

10 Busy Bag Ideas for Toddlers

Over the last week r so we have been redecorating our apartment. We have been driving all over looking for new furniture and different odds and ends to complete our happy home. During the ripping and running my toddlers have been cranky and irritable. Redecorating is not fun for them at all. So I have compiled a list of ten busy bag activities that are for the road to kick cranky out the car.

This activity can keep them busy for quite some time. I like to add it in their lunch pail with their snack. 

This is simple to make and is great for in the house or on the go. It's great for the fine motor skills.

Can and Q-Tips

This has the same premise except it is for younger kiddos. The object is to put the q-tip into he container. Q-tips don't bend like pipe cleaners so it's much easier.

Glittery Calm Down Jars

This is just one of those things that you just can't take your eyes off. They play with it and move it around and before you know it a half an hour has got by.

Puzzles are great to grow a toddlers understanding of logic. Is it logical that the zebra have a butt of an elephant?

Silhouette Puzzle

I love this puzzle because it shows the silhouette of what it matches and that turns matching into a puzzle game.

Tracing Letters with a Car 

Tracing letters with a car is practice for writing the letters.

Shapes, Counting and Colors

This activity promotes learning in three different areas. It teaches shapes, colors, and counting all at once.


Learning to lace is hue when it comes to fine motor skills. Here you will learn how to create your own lacing foam shapes.

Word Building 

This teaches words but most of all it teaches letter recognition. Toddlers are learning letters and their sounds and this helps them learn that letters come together to form words.

I hope this helps someone out there because it really did help me a lot. My toddlers no longer dread the car ride any more.

Good Luck Mommy

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