Oct 31, 2016

4 Articles for Late Talkers & Speech Delays

I have said many times throughout this blog that my oldest suffers from speech delays and sensory sensitivities. When he was about  2 years old I realized that he was not at the same speech level as most kids his age. I started doing research and I learned that average kids that the average 2 year old has about 50 words in their vocabulary and some even speak in two word utterances. My love was barely saying 5 words.

Now six months later he has about 50 words under his belt and is starting his two word utterances. He's not completely at the standard of a 2 year old but we have come a long way. He has speech therapy twice a month and will begin occupational therapy for his sensory issues next month. If your toddler is showing any signs of a speech delay read these articles and figure out how to help each your toddler through this tough time in their life.

playingwithwords365.com shows us how to use target words everyday to get your toddler to repeatedly hear, understand and use words throughout the day.

babychatter.com shows us 30 great books for late talking toddlers

speechandlanguagekids.com answers a lot of the questions parents have about speech delays and how to help our toddlers

speechandlanguagekids.com gives 7 great tips on how to work with your child when he or she has a speech delay
I really hope these articles help you and your toddler. It can be a hard time dealing with the frustration of a toddler that can't communicate. It can be frustrating for the parent as well. I know that sometimes I have to walk away and tag Dad in because I get frustrated. But the biggest thing that you need to remember is that this is all new to this little person and only love can guide them through such a tough time. Good Luck, Mommy!

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