Sep 13, 2016

7 Things Every Mom Should Use

OK, is it just me but I have these few things that I cannot live without? I know a few moms who keep these certain specific things in their arsenal. First of all, your arsenal can be a great conversation piece when talking to other moms. I know that I'm always willing to share my secret weapons that make my life a little more easy. Second, sometimes another mom might have the best things that you never tried in her arsenal. Well here are a few of my favorite things that I think every mom should use OFTEN.

A Slow Cooker

Like a personal chef. You look after the kiddos and it cooks for you. Just a small amount of prep and TADA! Great meal for the whole family. Mine was only about $30 from Walmart last year. It's 6 quarts and it has 3 settings; high, low, and warm. The best cooking appliance any busy parent can use. It's so easy! And it has latches to keep the lid on so you can travel with it. That's great for parties when you have to bring something and don't want to bring the boring bag of chips or soda. My bestie!

A Glass of Wine After the Kiddos Hit the Sack

I wouldn't advise drinking on the job but once those heads hit those pillows you should most def drink to getting through another day. I like Barefoot's Pinot Grigio (don't judge me, I never said I was a connoisseur). It's not sweet (which I'm not a fan of) and not too dry. And it gives me this perfect buzz to celebrate how great I did at parenting today. And I will always toast to that!

Coffee, Please!

I have two toddlers. My 18 month old is still on the boob and he still wants mimi in the middle of the night ( I know right). So besides the slow cooker, coffee is my other bestie. You know how you have certain friends that serve different purposes in your life? Well, my coffee is the girl that keeps my party going. This girl wakes me up. Keeps me up. And never lets me down. Can we please have a round of applause for this amazing caffeinated beverage? Coffee is not for everyone though. Some people also have sensitives to caffeine so if you haven't had it before be very mindful of how you feel after you drink it. But it does wonders for me and it works.


I know, I know. It's hella corny but since I had kids and became an active stepparent I been calling on the Universe for patience. Everyday is different but I try. HARD. Not to break. Because my kids test my patience daily. Bi-hourly. Tri-hourly. Try hourly. Nerves. They try them. #pfp #prayforpatience #helpmethroughthestruggle

A Motha-Fricking Plan

I mean an emergency plan. A fire safety plan. An in-laws coming to visit plan. An in case we break up or divorce plan. An in case he or you die plan. Then have a plan for when those plans fall apart. It's called preparation people. Having your ish together is the ultimate Mommy move. Commonly said as "stay ready so you don't have to get ready". Not knowing what to do in emergencies can lead to death. Does your family know the exits in your home? Are all your important papers in one place in case you need to grab and go? Get your stuff together literally and figuratively.

Another Mother

You should always use that friend you have that has kids too. Y'all need to get a drink together, have play dates, discuss parenting tactics, and everything else moms do together. The best part is that she knows what you are experiencing and feels where you're coming from. Your spouse may not fully understand your position just like you may not fully understand theirs. But if you have another mother on the other end of the phone, she may get why you're so stressed out. And if she doesn't it's always good to have a sounding board.  And try to find someone that gives you that real. She will let you know when you're right or wrong. Straight no chaser.


And last but most important is your baby's father. Don't leave him out of the picture. If the two of you are still together make sure to include him in the parts of your day that mean the most to you and your little ones. Like breakfast or the bedtime routine. If the two of you have separated make sure to extend an invitation to events that your child will love to see him at.  Not just for him but for the kiddos as well. If he is no longer with us, remember to talk to your child about him. Show him pictures and tell stories. Tell your child how proud Daddy would be of them. He is still a precious figure in your child's life so treat him as such.  As a child, my mother was taken from me and I never really talked about it much. And no one told me stories or had many pictures of her. I wish people would have given me that gift. No matter how much it hurts, I can imagine that it would have been very therapeutic.

Wow, that was seven already? I hope you enjoyed. What are some things that you just have to use in your life as a mom? 

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