Sep 7, 2016

12 Tips for Staying Organized as a Mom

Organization is such a big deal but why can't most of us stay on top of everything that we need to? With so much life that goes on, it can be easy to drop the ball on a few tasks without even meaning to. I know that I've missed appointments and I've had to go back to the grocery store a million times. Not to mention the days when I'm just staring into the pantry trying to put a meal together and it's already 5:30pm. You are not alone. Here's what I do to fight off the oops-I-dropped-the-ball blues.

Create A Schedule 

I like to keep my schedule light and loose. I don't have strict times that things need to happen but I've created a block of time in my day that is dedicated to certain tasks. For example we have breakfast between 7:30am and 8:30am. I don't know what time my boys are going to wake up. I'm not the type to watch the clock and wake my toddlers up at a certain time. To be honest on most days my kids wake me up. So I should say I don't know when we will wake up. So I don't schedule breakfast for a certain time. The same goes with activities and house chores. They may not have an alarm attached to them but I do everything around the same time each day. 

Plan Activities 

If you have youngsters like me, you need to plan out activities for them to do throughout the week as well. I have to do this because I'm not the most creative when it comes to kids activities just yet. So when I try to think quick to get them busy and learning I run around like a chicken with its head cut off. I will get on Pinterest and try to find something then I will get lost in all of Pinterest's greatness. It just doesn't work for me. So Sunday night I come up with a theme for that week and about 15 activities they can do. I look for 2-3 books that fit into the theme and a few shows to watch when they just need to relax for a few minutes.

Plan Your Menu

I try to plan meals out for each week on Sunday as well. That's the day we grocery shop for the week too. I have all my recipes written down so that I can refer to them and they're ingredients. So when I go to plan the meals for the week I can quickly write a grocery list of everything I need without missing too many things and needing to run back to the store. Which brings me to my next tip...

Use Grocery Lists 

Like I said I already have all my recipes written down so that I can refer to them when meal planning for the week. All I need to do is make a list of the ingredients I need from the store plus things I need for breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the week. Its so much more easy to get the list created when you have all your go-to recipes written down.

Cleaning Schedule and Chore Lists

I have to keep a list of the things that I need to clean daily, weekly and monthly or I won't get them done on time or at all. Like, I would much rather spend time with my kids or work on my business then clean the stinkin' house. So if I don't see that chore on a list then in my head it doesn't exist and I don't do it. Am I the only one that pretends to be blind to a mess until its overwhelming my life?

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Take Notes

As I'm going through my house cleaning up or setting up for an activity and realize that I'm missing something I'm going to need soon or I'm running out of something, I write it down. If I realize I need to make a call, I write it down. If I come up with a great blog idea, I write it down. I am a note taker to the fullest. Again if I don't see it written down then it doesn't exist and everything can be thrown off by just one missing component that I forgot to get. Taking notes is my life. And I write all my notes in one place. It wouldn't make any sense to write down notes and the notes are scattered all over the house and in your car. I mean we are talking about staying organized.

Time Management

Really staying organized is all about time management. You cannot make time, you don't run out of time, time does not stop or move faster. It is all about how you manage your time to get through your day. If you get stuck on Pinterest like I do then you need to set aside an allotted time for your Pinterest addiction. Think about what a manager does in a business. That person delegates tasks and makes sure everyone is doing their job and on point. That is how you need to manage your time. You ensure that the things you need done for that day get done promptly and efficiently. You tell yourself and everyone else what they need to do, how to do it, and by when the projects need to be completed. You are the manager of time in your household.

Get an Organizer/Planner

One way to stay on top of tasks is to purchase an organizer. I am a huge fan of organizers. Especially since I am starting this new blog. I have to do the usual Mom tasks and responsibilities on top of managing myself/business. I cannot keep all the doctor's appointments and chores in my head. There's too much going on up there. I have to write them down. Sometimes multiple times. I have an organizer that I can carry with me, my phone that has a calendar, and the monthly calendar that I keep near my desk. They all have the same information but just in different formats. It really does help a lot. And if you can get one that has a section for notes you are good to go.

Get Your Family Involved

We know you cannot do it all by yourself. At least I know I can't. So everyone has tasks and chores that they do around my house. Even the littles pick up after themselves (with guidance of course). Here comes those managing skills again. You have to delegate who in the house needs to help you with what. Each person responds differently to that so you need to set it up to where those chores get done. For example, my oldest is 12 and she gets her chores done by looking on a chart and putting stickers on the things she completed. But Dad is not going to follow a chart nor will he just drop everything and do a chore that I ask of him. I need to tell him hours, maybe even days, before I need the task completed so he can amp himself up for domestic work. LOL! Just figure out what works for your family and start handing out some chores so you don't have to do it all yourself.

Get Home Organization Tips

I mean we all need advice now and then. Hell, that's why you're here. So I go to another website for my home organization and decluttering needs. Home Storage Solutions 101 has great ideas for organization and kicking the clutter out of your home. They also have monthly declutter calendars. I signed up for them and I find it so useful. 

Plan for Pick-Ups

You will not get everything on your list done. You will miss things some days. Your family will miss things some days. Sometimes you just get lazy. Sometimes you just don't have the energy. Or u just want to love on your babies instead of cleaning the kitchen. That's OK. But make sure you plan to get that task done sooner rather than later. Always leave time in your schedule for “pick-ups”. “Pick-ups” are tasks that you did not get done yesterday that you have to pick up today. Even though I keep an organizer or 3, I make sure that I have time in between tasks to play with my kids, take a rest or do pick-ups. That's why my schedule is so lenient. I don't want to overbook myself in my own house.

Don't Get Overwhelmed

Do not schedule your life so that you have no time for yourself or to love on your family. The last thing you want to do is over schedule yourself and by the week's end you feel too tired from cooking and cleaning that you can't enjoy your weekend with your family. Even if you have to schedule it, make time to pamper yourself, look pretty, and Pinterest yourself to death. You do so much organizing for the household you also need to work on you. Happy Mom, happy life.

What are some ways that you stay organized?

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